Bachelorette Recap: Episode 2

I need to start off by saying I think Andi has had deeper and longer conversations in the first two episodes of this season than Juan Pablo had during his entire stint as The Bachelor. Andi was definitely the right choice for The Bachelorette, she is already showing these guys whats she’s made of and that she isn’t going to take crap from anyone! cough* Craig cough*


Anybody who watched last nights episode undoubtedly fell in love with Eric. Even in his first one-on-one date his true passion for life and sincerity shined. It is a tragedy that such an amazing person passed away before his time, especially when he was doing what he loved best – finding adventure in every day. Eric’s passing makes these episodes very emotionally charged. My condolences go out to his family and friends.

Andi and Eric seemed to have major chemistry right off the bat. Going from playing on the beach to snowboarding within minutes – now that’s my kind of date! I’m shocked the pair didn’t kiss considering Andi gave up smooches for a couple other dudes later on!


The group date was absolutely hilarious but I did feel a little bad for Marcus and Nick S who had to do a solo strip tease. Poo Marcus was freaking out before hand but he managed to turn it on once he was on stage and impressed Andi with his confidence. I really feel for Nick S… he had to do a strip tease dressed as a robot and still didn’t get a rose.

Craig oh Craig…what can I say. He pretty much booted himself off of the show. No matter how nervous you are never EVER be the drunkest guy at the cocktail party who goes swimming in his clothes. His liquid courage didn’t work in his favour this time. The saddest part had to be his attempt to apologize to Andi the next day by serenading her with a song and playing guitar…great effort but there was no way Andi was going to keep him around.


Chris’ one-on-one date seriously surprised me! I wasn’t expecting much from this one but he was such a gentlemen and much more comfortable with Andi than I had expected. He even got the first kiss of the season and man did it look like Andi was into it! He is such a sweet guy and a farmer too, how cute! I hope Chris stays around for awhile.

Andi looked phenomenal the entire episode, her outfits were on point! I have to say the cocktail dress for the rose ceremony was to die for.

I’m a little surprised by some of her choices at the rose ceremony. I can’t believe she got rid of the cute firefighter but kept the huge fitness trainer who she hasn’t even spoken too. I guess she has to keep a variety of characters to keep it interesting!

Next week looks drama filled – can’t wait for the double episodes Sunday & Monday woop!

What did you guys think of her choices? Who is your favourite so far? Let me know!


Bachelor Baby on the Way!

Ashley Hebert and J.P Rosenbaum have announced they are expecting their first child!

ash and jp

According to Ashley and J.P they learned they were going to be parents on January 26th, the day of Catherine and Sean Lowe’s Bachelor Wedding!  Ashley and J.P were in attendance at the wedding and had hinted to reporters that they predicted a family in their near future.

Ashley and J.P have been talking about starting a family openly since their engagement but said they would wait until Ashley finished her residency for Paediatric Dentistry. She is supposed to be finishing her studies this June, and their baby is due in the fall…perfect timing!

Ashlee was first introduced to Bachelor Nation in season 15 of The Bachelor. She was sent home in the second last episode by Brad Womack before she went on to star as The Bachelorette in season 7.

I remember watching Ashely’s season of The Bachelorette and absolutely loving J.P! They’re one of the few bachelor couples who have proven that the reality TV process can actually work.

Ashley Hebert and J.P's wedding

The duo were married in December of 2012 and their wedding was later televised on ABC.



Renee Oteri has Tied the Knot!


Renne didn’t find love with Juan Pablo on the last season of The Bachelor but she has certainly found love with her childhood sweetheart, Bracy Maynard. Renne and Bracy were married on Thursday in an intimate ceremony at a courthouse in Seattle. 

Renee looked absolutely stunning and effortless in a simple white lace dress with her hair down and minimalist makeup.

ImageRenee has said that her and Bracy dated when they were teenagers and that he was even her first kiss…d’awwwwww how perfect. Apparently the couple has known each other since they were 12. Renee’s eight year old son, Ben, was the ring bearer at the ceremony in which Bachelor alumni, Desiree Hardstock was also in attendance. Desiree tweeted her support for the happy couple:



Wishing all the best to the happy couple as they start their life together!

More photos from Renee’s wedding can be found on photographer Andria Lindquists blog. 






Juan Pablo and Nikki Still Going Strong

It’s been a week since we saw Clare Crawley rip Juan Pablo a new one and Nikki Ferrell accept his final rose. I can’t lie, I was quite relieved for this season of The Bachelor to be over but now there’s a void in my Monday night routine! What better way to fill the two hour gap where my Bachelor viewing used to be than with some research into what some of The Bachelor favourites are up to now! 

Much to my surprise, it appears Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together. Pictures have been released on both of their Instagram and Twitter accounts of their getaway to the Dominican Republic for Juan Pablo’s friend’s wedding. 

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo

The duo actually looks pretty cute all dressed up, I especially love Nikki’s one-shoulder dress. JP and Nikki certainly haven’t been camera shy since last week’s dramatic After the Final Rose episode, where they were highly criticized for not sharing any of their plans for the future. 



It seems they’re pretty eager to show themselves off now, possibly in an attempt to salvage some of the public image JP helped destroy over the past few weeks. Juan Pablo also created this video called “Adventures in Loving You” that documents his and Nikki’s relationship in personal videos and pictures. 

Andi Dorfman has started filming for The Bachelorette which will air on May 18th, and it looks like despite Andi’s dramatic exit from this season of The Bachelor, Nikki and Andi have remained close friends. Nikki expressed her support for Andi’s upcoming adventure on The Bachelorette on social media with this picture…so cute! It’s always nice to see when contestants from the show remain close friends after the fact.




The Bachlelor Finale: Juan Pablo loves…No-Juan?

Juan Pablo looks at final rose

Well, anybody who saw this episode knows that Juan Pablo pretty much dug himself into the grave as the worst (or best depending on how you look at it) Bachelor in all of Bachelor history.

Not only was he unsympathetic and actually a huge jerk to Clare, he was so rude to Chris Harrison during the After the Final Rose segment.

Before we delve too much into how we all hate Juan Pablo now, lets talk about the Final Rose episode.

 Clare meets the Parents

This is always one of my favourite episodes, when the contestants meet the Bachelor’s parents. First up to meet the fam is Clare. I figured she would handle the situation well since she comes from a huge family herself.

Clare’s time with the family goes smoothly and it looks like she really gets along with everyone. Everything seemed to be going hunky dory until she sits down with JP’s cousin, who tells her when the tough gets going… so does Juan Pablo. Clare’s response to how she would handle Juan Pablo trying to leave her if things got difficult was nothing short of what I expected…she basically says they have a connection and she would be able to handle it no matter what because she believes in what they have.

Clare Crawley and Camila

Clare meets Juan Pablo’s family

JP’s mom also tells Clare that he is not easy to deal with and that he’s very stubborn. At this point I’m already wondering why Clare is still sticking around…if his own family is warning her about him what can she expect out of a future with this man?  RUN!

Were introduced to Juan Pablo’s father and he might rival Sean Lowe’s dad, Jay Lowe, as the cutest man in the world. Juan Pablo’s father was so sweet and told Clare if she was chosen he would support her and love her no matter what. Seriously though, where do they find all these cute dads?

Juan Pablo and his father

Juan Pablo and his father

The family’s verdict is that they loooovve Clare and think she would be a good fit with the family. JP’s cousin pretty much sums it up when he says “I’m not saying she’s begging for it…but she she’s ready to get married”.

Nikki meets the Fam…Again.

Next up, Nikki gets to meet the family for the second time since she had already met them all at Camila’s dance recital when Juan took her there on their one-on-one date.

Once again, things go pretty smoothly with Nikki and the family until JP’s parents and cousin start warning her about him. JP’s dad says “He’s not an easy guy, he is vocalized in what he wants, he is very specific in what he wants” and his cousin tells her “Sometimes when things are getting rough he will walk away from a relationship”. At this point I’m pretty much screaming at the screen telling this girl to actually LISTEN to what they are saying. Of course, all she says is she knows he is stubborn but she thinks they can work through it anyways.

These family meetings are one of a kind for The Bachelor, I have to say I have never seen a family so blatantly warning the girls that their relative probably isn’t the greatest guy to be in a relationship with.

Clare and Juan Pablo’s One-on-One

Clare and Juan Pablo on helicopter

Clare and Juan Pablo on their final date

The final one-on-one dates are usually full of awkward stares, silence and tears… and that’s exactly what we saw this time around too.

Clare and JP’s date started off nicely with a helicopter ride around St.Lucia, but quickly went south when apparently JP said something insulting to Clare in the helicopter whe no mics or cameras were around.

She was expecting something sweet but instead was met with something she “cannot repeat” because “It was insulting, it was offensive and it just made me feel awful”. They never reveal what was actually said but it was something along the lines of how JP loves hooking up with her but he doesn’t really know her. Of course after this, Clare is upset and refuses to give JP “besitos” on the second part of their date.

I honestly thought Clare was going to leave at this point and was really proud of her. Unfortunately it didn’t work out this way and Juan Pablo was somehow able to talk circles around Clare’s tough questions and convince her that she would be the one he would propose to the next day. He even talked about babies and marriage and moving to Sacremento to be with her.

Nikki and Juan Pablo’s One on One

Juan Pablo and Nikki's final date together

Juan Pablo and Nikki’s final date together

Juan Pablo takes Nikki on a catamaran ride for their last date together. To my surprise JP actually asks her a real question: “Do you have any concerns” and Nikki answers but JP changes the subject immediately after anything serious is discussed. When the pair are sitting on the beach Nikki asks “What is going to happen when you don’t have private islands anymore” and JP responds “I will have my bed and my TV and sports or movies…” WOW sounds like so much fun, although I’m pretty sure Nikki was asking about your future with her not what you would rather be doing instead of sitting on the beach with her right now.

Nikki’s final time with Juan Pablo is pretty uneventful, you can tell she is all nerves (and rightfully so). They sit together pretty much not speaking at all just talking about how they can’t believe the time has flown and they are down to the final days of filming.


Nikki the night before the Final Rose Ceremony

The Final Rose


Nikki and Clare on their way to meet Juan Pablo

So the time has come, the ladies are all dolled up and ready to find out who will be number Juan. Clare is the first up and we can tell as soon as Juan Pablo starts speaking that she will not be the one. He gives her some lackluster speech about why she isn’t going to be his future wife and of course she is PISSED. I haven’t been a fan of Clare this entire season but I think this scene won her a lot of fans. She completely tells JP off for being a jerk and as she storms away she turns back and says,

“I thought I knew what kind of man you were, what you just made me go through, I would never want my children having a father like you”


Clare walking away from Juan Pablo

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse the camera is on JP and he says “Phew, glad I didn’t choose her!”

Craziness, honestly I can’t believe JP has managed to go from most loved Bachelor to the most hated so quickly.

Now its Nikki’s turn. If I could have guessed I would have said he would give the exact same speech to Nikki and that would be a wrap. Nikki and Juan meet and he basically tells her that he has an engagement ring but he is not going to use it. She says she loves him and he says “I’m not 100 percent sure that I want to propose to you…But at the same time, I’m 100 percent sure that I just don’t want to let you go. I like you a lot, a loooot.” His romantic proclamation was followed by some excuse about how he won’t propose to her out of respect for her father.

I honestly think this is how most seasons of The Bachelor should end, with a promise to continue the relationship and see where it goes, but for some reason with Juan Pablo even this doesn’t seem genuine.

ImageThe episode ending is pretty anti-climactic with Nikki looking kind of awkward and confused.

And that’s a wrap!

I have to say I am pretty relieved to see this season come to an end, which usually isn’t the case. I’m wondering how long Nikki and Juan Pablo will last, something tells me there won’t be a wedding anytime soon.

No Longer Number Juan

I think its safe to say Juan Pablo is no longer “America’s Favourite Bachelor”.

The Women at The Women Tell All Episode

The Women Tell All Episode last night was a bit of a firestorm and I was definitely expecting Juan Pablo to prove the girls wrong and show them he is truly a nice guy. Anybody who saw the episode knows that didn’t happen, instead he gave pretty half-hearted responses and didn’t seem sympathetic to any of the girls’ feelings or criticisms.

Juan Pablo the Bachelor at The Women Tell All

The show basically consisted of the girls ripping on Juan Pablo with a few (Sharleen and Renee) coming to his defense.

It was nice seeing the girls who were voted off are doing well.

Renee announced that she is in a “situation that makes her very happy” and it has been publicized that she is engaged!!!! So happy for her, she is such a lovely woman. Renee posted this first peek of her hubby-to-be and her ring on Instagram!

Renee Oteri and her fiance

After Andi’s time in the hot seat I am even more convinced she will be the next Bachelorette.

Andi Dorfman at Bachelor Women Tell All

When asked about a relationship she said she is single but still looking for love and that she believes in true love… definitely setting herself up nicely there.

Anybody who saw the show knows the best part came at the end with the mash-up of Juan Pablo saying the dreaded “ess okay” and the bloopers from this season.

Next week is the big day…who is JP going to choose!?

10 Reasons Andi Dorfman Should be the Next Bachelorette

As this season of The Bachelor is quickly coming to a close (home town dates next week, how did that happen!?), I’m starting to think who the next Bachelorette will be!

There always seems to be a crowd favourite, someone who is a nice girl but interesting enough to carry a show on her own. In my opinion Andi would be the perfect Bachelorette. As much as I would like her to be the last one standing in Juan Pablo’s season I just don’t see that happening.

Andi Dorfman
Here is why I think she should be the next Bachelorette:

1) She’s intelligent
As we all know Andi is an Assistant District Attorney and from watching the show the girl can actually carry on a decent conversation- unlike some of the other contestants we’ve seen thus far.

Andi Dorfman in Court
2) She isn’t a b—–
Some contestants on The Bachelor just love the drama. So far we haven’t seen Andi get too involved with the gossip that goes on between the ladies or talking badly about any of the other girls.

4) She is obviously beautiful (reminds me a bit of Catherine Giudici)

5) She calls herself “fiesty”, and thats got to make some good TV, right? 

3) She’s funny
The Bachelorette needs to be able to not take herself too seriously. If anybody else stuck around for the outtakes of last night’s episode of The Bachelor, we see Andi making fun of herself for her horrible dancing.

Andi5) She seems genuine and like she really just wants to find someone

6) She has style
It seems a prerequisite for The Bachelorette to have some fashion sense. Take it from Emily Maynard who after her stint on The Bachelor became the Bachelorette and now has her own clothing and accessory line.

7) Her guilty pleasure is Reality TV, so why not take it to the next level by starring on the show!

8) Bachelor fans already love her
Take a quick look around the internet and we can already tell Andi has a huge following of fans, she would be a shoo-in for the position.

9) She’s modest
Unlike Nikki Ferrell who has had no insecurities whatsoever on The Bachelor, Andi is sometimes insecure about her relationship with Juan Pablo. Her ego isn’t busting through the roof like some of the other girls.