Juan Pablo and Nikki Still Going Strong

It’s been a week since we saw Clare Crawley rip Juan Pablo a new one and Nikki Ferrell accept his final rose. I can’t lie, I was quite relieved for this season of The Bachelor to be over but now there’s a void in my Monday night routine! What better way to fill the two hour gap where my Bachelor viewing used to be than with some research into what some of The Bachelor favourites are up to now! 

Much to my surprise, it appears Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together. Pictures have been released on both of their Instagram and Twitter accounts of their getaway to the Dominican Republic for Juan Pablo’s friend’s wedding. 

Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo

The duo actually looks pretty cute all dressed up, I especially love Nikki’s one-shoulder dress. JP and Nikki certainly haven’t been camera shy since last week’s dramatic After the Final Rose episode, where they were highly criticized for not sharing any of their plans for the future. 



It seems they’re pretty eager to show themselves off now, possibly in an attempt to salvage some of the public image JP helped destroy over the past few weeks. Juan Pablo also created this video called “Adventures in Loving You” that documents his and Nikki’s relationship in personal videos and pictures. 

Andi Dorfman has started filming for The Bachelorette which will air on May 18th, and it looks like despite Andi’s dramatic exit from this season of The Bachelor, Nikki and Andi have remained close friends. Nikki expressed her support for Andi’s upcoming adventure on The Bachelorette on social media with this picture…so cute! It’s always nice to see when contestants from the show remain close friends after the fact.





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